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Project TEN

Project TEN (Transform Education in Nigeria) is implemented by Co-create Africa to:

  • enhance the quality of education across Nigerian Schools

  • adopt and rehabilitate dilapidated and run down schools in the country;

  • equip public and low-income schools with modern infrastructure

  • provide schools with needed teachers; and

  • ensure that students have access to the equipment and learning resources they require to thrive in their educational pursuits.

Currently, Project TEN is implementing Leadership Training for children in low-income community schools. See the video for our latest outreach.

While we strive to actively improve the learning environment of young learners in our communities, we need your help to make our efforts go even further. 


​You can be a part of Project TEN (Transform Education in Nigeria) by Co-create Africa  by volunteering your time or expertise.

You can also donate to support this work. Thank you


Within Nigeria:

Donate to Co-create Africa Development Ltd. 

Zenith Bank 1017838338

Payment Description: Project TEN ​


Outside Nigeria: 


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