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Tech Sales Journey Starts at Kiso

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What Kiso Offers

  • Tech sales awareness education

  • Job search education

  • Free webinars

  • Industry updates

  • A  community of tech sales enthusiasts

What Kiso Intensive Offers

A one-month intensive programme where you:

  • Learn tech sales and job prospecting skills in live workshops

  • Optimize your job search profile 

    • LinkedIn, CV, Cover Letter, About Me Video

  • Master your story

  • Identify links between your experiences and sales

  • Use your sales skills to prospect for jobs

  • Prep for interviews for entry level tech sales roles (SDR/BDR) 

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Take the FREE Intro to
Tech Sales Course

Join the global tech sales workforce from right where you are.


Learn what it takes to succeed as a Sales/Business Development Representative in this high-level introduction to tech sales.


This course is FREE, and will always remain that way. Our only ask is that you tell at least three people about this course so they too can take advantage of the opportunities in global tech sales 

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